Wednesday, February 23, 2005

All quiet on the trade front

Doesn't look like much is happening at this year's trade deadline, and for the first time in years I'm not looking around scrounging for some miracle trade to save the Bulls. Despite a loss tonight in Cleveland, the Bulls are for once content with their squad. There was talk of a Chandler swap for Vlad Radmanovic (and that seems like complete BS to me), but don't look for GM John Paxson to trade anyone from his rotation(and with Skiles, that's a big group) by the afternoon deadline tomorrow.

Possible trade fodder include Frank Williams, Janerro Pargo, and Jared Reiner, all making little money and giving little production. So I wouldn't expect anything useful coming back except perhaps a 2nd round pick, which wouldn't be too bad an idea since the Bulls do not have a second-rounder for the next two years. I'd be happy to see Williams get traded for his sake, since I still believe he is to talented than the 12th man treatment he's received so far in Chicago.

In the realm of possibility is trading Othella Harrington, Adrian Griffin (both in the last year of their deals) or Eric Piatkowski. I just don't see much happening with them though, since with all the talk this season of veteran presence and chemistry it'd seem that those responsible for such an atmosphere would be safe. In other years those would be the players who could help the other teams around the league. But for once, the Bulls are looking to get stronger at the deadline instead of dumping players. And if that means doing nothing, unlike in years past I'd be fine with that.