Monday, December 13, 2004


I had a post all thought up in my head. How Skiles finally showed some flexibility by putting Ben Gordon right back into tonight's game against the Mavericks after taking him out at the 4 minute mark. How Ben responded with some big shots. How this victory finally showed a sense of momentum for a team that hadn't won two games in a row yet, and now had done so against western conference powers.

But then Michael Finley happened. But before that was the true turning point. When Tyson Chandler grabbed an offensive rebound with under 24 seconds left. If  he had called time out the Bulls could've retained possession and forced Dallas to foul. Instead Tyson tries to go up with it again. He probably got fouled, but that's a call you just can't expect when you're the Bulls. And when he lost the ball and it bounced to Finley, Eddy Curry makes a frustration foul on him 90 feet from the basket.

The game wasn't lost then, but it meant that the Bulls had to out-execute the Mavs down the stretch. And I knew even with Ben Gordon out on the court this time, that was a longshot.

A lot of things went right in this game, can the Bulls focus on that instead of another loss? Does 5-14 mean much more than 4-15? The initial heartbreak will be tough to get over, but hopefully they can see that they outplayed the Mavs tonight and use that for the rest of the week.

A win would've been nice though :)