Thursday, December 16, 2004

Plenty of room on the bandwagon

I didn't originally have tickets to tonight's game against the Bucks, but I decided to go a mile north to the United Center and get me some.

I can't believe I'm excited to see a team with 5 wins, but its not as much that as the fact they are looking like they are starting something special. And from reading the comments today there is a little buzz about the recent stretch.

Should I question our collective sanity? Or does this just show how pathetic this franchise has been lately when a couple of wins can give reason for optimism?

Either way, this is a winnable game, and worse case scenario I get to see Michael Redd. In fact, if the Bulls do lay a suck-bomb on the court tonight forget everything I mentioned above.

Update: Bulls win! I'm 3-2 for the year.