Wednesday, December 08, 2004


The Bulls had a rare blowout win, 113-85 over the listless Cavaliers. The Bulls led the entire game and were completely in control, although even up 22 in the 4th quarter I had reason for concern. But the Cavs just didn't really look like they wanted to be there, possibly because they had a close win the night before. It was nice to be at the United Center and not be in a manic-depressive state. Just a fun time: Eddy got some garbage baskets at the end, Tyson was ripping rebounds away from people, Nocioni baited Lucious Harris into a technical, and Ben Gordon had a ridiculous lob catch that finally showed me a taste of what must've wowed everyone before the draft. Good games all around, especially by Ben Gordon who had a team-high 21 in 31 minutes. Hopefully that will mean more minutes for him in the future. I think he's better than Jay Williams already, and I'm guessing I won't have to call him 'bricklayer' Ben anymore.

It'll be interesting to see if the Bulls can finally use the momentum of a win to get a streak going. Even a two game streak, which is entirely possible since they are facing the Sixers at home. Its their annual game on national TV (per NBA rules even the Bulls have to have at least one), so it'll be nice if they can put on a show and force the ESPN talking heads to say something nice about the Bulls for once.

So this is a fun day like after the Laker game, but it'll be even better if they can carry some of it on the court for Friday.

Scroll down for my calling out of Jay Bilas. Not often I get two posts in on one day, I know.