Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A celebration.

Hey now, gotta take these victories and savor them. I was at the game in person tonight. And if you need a reference point to where I sat, it was about 10 rows behind where Ben Gordon blew that breakaway dunk. But I can laugh about that miscue now since they wound up holding on for a victory.

Sure the Lakers played the night before, and aren't that great in the first place, but at no point did the Bulls look like they couldn't handle them, which is a step in the right direction. Tyson Chandler was outstanding, especially on the glass. And of course he added to it by getting the oftentimes-sleepy United Center crowd rockin' like it was 1998. Ok...not that loud.

Luol Deng had another great game, as Scottie Pippen said in the telecast "This rookie has some balls. I will tell you what he has never met a shot he didn't like." (thanks to Tim for catching that). Ben Gordon was attacking the basket in crunch time, something his predecessor Jamal Crawford would never do.

And I topped off my night by watching (after recording) my Fighting Illini lay a beatdown on #1 Wake Forest.

Its late so I don't have much in the way of analysis or statistics to give ya, just wanted to open the forum up to Bulls fans (and observers). Especially at 2-10, its nice to talk about a win.