Friday, October 22, 2004

A one-man crusade

I can't take it much longer...I have to find out what's happening with Comcast SportsNet.

To the appropriate representative,

I am a subscriber to Dish Network, and am writing to inquire about the status of negotiations between your company and Dish Network. I have learned that both sides are currently in discussions to add your channel, Comcast SportsNet, available to Dish customers like myself.

As a Chicago Bulls fan, I find it disconcerting that the pre-season games have been aired and I have not been able to watch them. There are many fans in the Chicagoland area that do not have Comcast Cable, and like me have had to make due with recaps and boxscores for the games thus far. As a serious fan and amateur basketball writer [VERY Amateur :) - ed. ] these methods do not adequately compare to watching the game on television.

I certainly hope that you have set 11/6 (the first scheduled game to be broadcast on your station) as a deadline to *not only* get a deal done, but for the channel to be added and available to Sattelite packages. Otherwise, It will be an inexcusable sign of disrespect to basketball fans in Chicago. I do not consider it unreasonable to think that, if the Cubs season(instead of the Bulls), were about to start, that your operation would not be dragging its feet in a similar fashion. And while in the Cubs scenario there would admittedly be more public and media pressure to show the games, that does not mean that you can continue to prevent access to the Bulls without fear of complaints from their fans.

What is the current timetable for an agreement to be made, and subsequent addition of Comcast SportsNet to Dish Network satellite packages? I look forward to your response.


Matt Bernhardt

If you want to join in, email Comcast SportsNet Chicago at