Monday, September 13, 2004

Scavenger Hunt

I know this place has been bereft of entries lately, and I insist it is not for lack of motivation. Well, ok, maybe sometimes, but the fact remains that this is the NBA's dark period. The draft is a distant memory, all the marquee (and beyond) free agents have signed, the summer league was barely a blip on the radar. If not for the Olympics, NBA fans of the world (all 26 of us) would have to endure this purgatory for even longer.

Now I'm not saying I need constant basketball, as my true(er?) love is still in contention, and the Bears have just christened another sub-.500 season (although at least this year I know their coach isn't a lifeless zombie-creature).  But that said, I cannot wait to unleash my (tempered) enthusiasm when training camp arrives.

Ok, time to dig through whatever I have stashed away in my email over the past few days. [These are mostly emails to myself from work to remember to discuss these things. But you know, you can always email me if you have something on YOUR mind. Right now my email address is as popular as the plague. -ed ]. Commence bullet formation!:

  • I have never addressed the Curry-to-Memphis rumors Chad Ford keeps 'reporting', because it seems so baseless that even My Man Sam(TM) would roll is eyes. At least I hope and pray that this is the case. Come on, Bo Outlaw and Bonzi Wells? If that's all you can get, just roll the dice and keep the big fella.
  • Looks like Bulls mascot Benny the Bull is getting a new image. This time he will be more EXTREME (or something) and will mean less of whatever Benny the Bull used to do. Benny's not had great times lately, as his public plea to persuade then-free-agent Tracy McGrady to come to Chicago was met with ridicule. What really is the silver lining to this move is a de-emphasization of 'Da Bull', the single-season record-holder of the most "missed dunks" . [The career leader being of course Antonio Davis]. Da Bull has also had his....'issues' recently.
  • I like Bernie Mac, but he disappointed me by joining in the 'Blame Anybody but the MJ and Phil for the Dynasty Implosion' Army. This is not an exclusive club though, as they have their own version of the Iraqi Information Minster and everything.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, at least Eddy Curry doesn't get involved with this kind of crap.
  • This has to be the least-flattering trade headline ever.

I guess all I can say in the meantime is: go Cubs!