Thursday, August 26, 2004

Weekend Notes:

Well after bemoaning the fact that I hadn't yet seen Andres Nocioni play with team Argentina, turns out I missed a televised game on Thursday afternoon against Greece. The good news however is that Argentina won and will play the US. So you figure that game, whether its live or not, will be in primetime. Here's another report on Nocioni by Trib columnist Mike Downey. Check out the zinger at the end of the article. Ouch. But don't be too upset Bulls fans, this is the same guy who wrote a column comparing Ronald Reagan to a Horse. And I'm not talking ironically or anything. For real..a horse.

Some other things I noticed this week:

  • Toni Kukoc will not be having a Pippen-esque (injuries and all) reunion tour with the Bulls, as he has re-signed with Milwaukee.
  • Say what you will about Eddy Curry, but at least he isn't involved in this kind of crap.
  • Linton Johnson has signed with the Spurs. Johnson, if you remember, won his job with the Bulls after beating out Trenton Hassell in last year's preseason. Then when the season started he couldn't hit a shot. Not to take away from the effort he put forth, but jettisoning players like Johnson and Dupree and replacing them with non-NBDL talent can only be a good thing. Ya hear, Paul Shirley?