Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Links, neither the sausage nor the golf kind

Its time to do some maintenance here at Bulls Blog, which first means an update on the links section, but also will hopefully mean some other juicy design stuff in the future. When I actually get a job, expect a move to a fancy new domain. maybe.

On to the links (clickable on the left panel)..

  • Hornets247 - a top-notch blog. This site covers the New Orleans Hornets more than I thought was even possible. Check it out if you want to get the low-down on their search for a new coach and GM.
  • JockNews - a newer blog, all-purpose sports. He was nice enough to link to me, so I had to reciprocate in what I call "the link dance of love". He's writing some good posts, so go over there and say hi.
  • DRAFT STUFF: Yes, for a crappy team like the Bulls, the Draft is really all there is to look forward to. Tommorow night is the Draft lottery, and after then the draft coverage at Bulls Blog will really step up. So here are some sites to get you up to snuff:
    • NBADraft.net - I refer to this site like its the next book of the New Testament. They're moving some stuff to subscription-only membership, which is a downer, but still the definitive mock draft board.
    • CollegeHoopsnet - Another top site for draft coverage.
    • ESPN Insider - Insider's Chad Ford has really taken to this draft guru title of his. He's literally traveling the world in order to tell everyone who the next 7-footer from Iran or Lithuania is. And that will help you in turn by making you sound smarter than everyone else (especially smarter than Dick Vitale). There is the Insider subscription required to view this content though.
    • I cannot forget to mention Yoni at CollegeBasketball, who I've been visiting a lot lately. He's really posting up a storm concerning draft prospects, so make sure you check that out as well.

As always, if there are any NBA blogs out there that I'm missing feel free to drop me an email. I love finding new ways to waste my day. And the Basketball Blogosphere needs to grow and prosper.

I'll be back tomorrow with stuff on the Draft Lottery. Trust me, its an important day.

UPDATE(10:15pm): Well, as you can see I've spent the whole night updating the design. Blogger added some neato features, like putting up the previous post titles (seen on the right), as well as its own comments section. I'm not sure about the comments yet, so email me if you think they suck, and i'll go back to Haloscan.