Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Bouncing Balls

The NBA Draft lottery is tonight at 7pmCST on ESPN. Representing the Bulls will be B.J. Armstrong, which for some reason I like better than the idea of sending a player. I can't believe some players would actually go to New Jersey for a night of hobnobbing with the likes of Elgin Baylor and Gordon Gund. Seeing BJ though won't the same as seeing Jerry Krause's frumpy face. Seeing his reaction (good or bad) was always worth a laugh.

Here's the statistical breakdown for the Bulls chances. As you may have forgotten, the Bulls have the second-worst record in the league (ahead of only Orlando):

  • #1 - 20%
  • #2 - 18.9%
  • #3 - 17.2%
  • #4 - (Charlotte picks #4 no matter what)
  • #5 - 31.7%
  • #6 - 12.2%

While this year's draft is deep enough (if not top-heavy) where the order of the picks don't matter as much, getting a top 2 pick would be a huge bargaining chip for GM John Paxson if he wants to trade it. And as you know I'm all for trading this pick.