Friday, October 24, 2003

Hassell Waived I'm sure most of you know this already, but yesterday the Bulls cut Trenton Hassell, effectively keeping undrafted free agent Linton Johnson on the roster. Well...for now.
Johnson, a 6-foot-8-inch forward and the nephew of former Bull Mickey Johnson, will begin the season on the injured list. He also may not last the season because his minimum contract doesn't become guaranteed until Jan. 10, and the Bulls are in the market for a front-line player.
Even though the Bulls showed they could use a 6-8 player more than 2 guard like Hassell. What they REALLY could use is a big stiff to at least give Curry some hassles (no pun intended) in practice. So I guess Pax will be looking at the cut lists from other teams. notes -There have been lots of rumours floating around mentioning Bulls players in various trades. The most outlandish was the Knicks offering Othella Harrington for Jamal Crawford. Scott Layden reminds me of that guy in your fantasy baseball league who you dont even want to discuss trading with cause he only has crap and that's what he offers. I've also been reading about Donyell Marshall being on the trading block...which as I stated yesterday was a bad idea. -As of now, everyone is scheduled to be healthy on opening day. But that could easily change, especially with Chandler (back), and Hinrich (flu). -In lieu of doing a season preview (which you can read on those links to the left...they do a good job), I'll be doing Eastern Conference playoff predictions. Basically saying that all the teams are bad.