Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The Expendables Chad Ford today was going over who is possibly on the trading block due to position logjams and of course....salary. And with the Bulls' logjam at the 4, you could see where this is goin:
Marcus Fizer and Donyell Marshall, Bulls Fizer and Marshall appear to be the odd men out in Chicago with the emergence of Tyson Chandler, Eddy Curry, Lonny Baxter and the signing of Scottie Pippen. GM John Paxson would love to move Eddie Robinson and his terrible contract, but right now there aren't any takers. However, Fizer and Marshall both have value. Fizer has logged several solid games for the Bulls this preseason and appears to be completely healthy. Marshall is a versatile veteran who knows how to score and rebound. The best part? Fizer's contract is up after this season and Marshall has just two years remaining on his.
I just don't like ever seeing the 'emergence' of Lonny Baxter. I still view Lonny as a 10th man, and unless he grows 4 inches, he will always be. But that's just me. If the team really views Lonny as being as a worthy replacement for Fizer or Marshall, than seeking out a deal wouldn't be a bad idea. However, given the choice between the two, I would deal Fizer. I am a big Fizer fan, but him and Lonny are similar players, undersized scorers off the bench. Marshall however is a veteran, which should be a premium on this team. He's a better defender and rebounder, and dealing him now would be a mistake in their playoff quest. I just don't see Lonny being nearly as good a player as Marcus Fizer. Just watching them play it seems like Lonny could do the things that Marcus does, but not as well. Marcus is an explosive athelete, while Lonny has trouble jumping over a piece of paper. He may be able to rack up the points in the summer league, but he's just outmatched in this league. notes - E-Rob played yesterday, and watching the game I even saw him hit a couple of jump shots. Which made me with I had a VCR hooked up. - I havent mentioned Linton Johnson all preseason, cause basically I thought it was a non-story. But last night he was playing while Trenton Hassell didn't get off the bench. So draw your own conclusions... - The Bulls Reporter has a nice analysis on Chandler's back. Like a real diagnosis. I'd probably just say something dumb like "doctor says he needs a backeotomy!"