Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Bulls to Lose 2004 1st round pick? Yesterday marked a flurry of scrubby trades around the league, with most of them having more to do with finances instead of talent. One of these deals involved Houston and Utah, with the Jazz sending John Amaechi to the Rockets for 2 draft picks and Glen Rice (who's in the last year of his deal. If you're asking "why would I care??":
"The Rockets also sent the pick acquired from the Bulls in 2000 for Bryce Drew. That pick would be a first-rounder if the Bulls finish in the top 19 in the league next season, and would convert to a second-rounder in 2005 and another second-rounder in 2006 if the Bulls are among the last 10 teams. The Rockets will also send the Jazz between $2.5 million and 3 million, according to sources. "
I would certainly hope that the Bulls can avoid being one of the 10 worst teams in the league. Last year they were 7th worst with a record of 30-52. The 10th worst record was shared by two of my favorites...the Wizards and Knicks, both at 37-45. I sincerely doubt even in the East that 37 wins would be enough for the playoffs. So lets just assume if the Bulls make the playoffs they are going to lose this pick. [UPDATE (5:15pm)]: I've read around some message boards and it appears this pick is actually top-20 protected this year, and this is 'verified' by (depending on your faith in them). So this obviously makes it more likely that the Bulls will be keeping this pick.

That's fine by me actually. A first round pick isn't as desireable as it used to be, due to the nature of both diluted draft talent and the fact that a 1st round pick gets a 3 year guaranteed contract. You're even seeing players like Joe Forte or Dali getting bought out of their rookie contracts because of lack of production. And the last thing this Bulls team will need is another rookie. And really...wasn't the pick worth being able to witness the Bryce Drew era?? :)

Other Notes:

Eddy Curry sat out of practice the past 2 days because of a tight hamstring. I assume its just being safe rather than sorry. Also mentioned in the article is Tyson's esophagitis treatment. They mentioned him getting his weight up to 235 from 10 pounds fewer at the end of last year. That's fine and good, but doesn't that still make him a beanpole???

Also today, the local papers are talking playoffs after hearing these quotes.

"We have all the pieces now," Jamal Crawford said. "If we don't win, there are no more excuses. Our fans deserve better than that. If we don't go to the playoffs, we'll be disappointed." "I think myself and this team are definitely in store for a great season," said center Eddy Curry. "I think the sky's the limit for us. We're ready to step up and claim that role of being one of the top teams in the East." Is that a playoff guarantee? "I think it's pretty close to a guarantee," Curry answered. "I don't like to guarantee anything. But if I wanted to bet it, I'd bet that we make it to the playoffs this year." "I'm loving it, coming in here with everybody having the attitude of us winning ballgames," Tyson Chandler said.
Now that's the attitude I want to hear! And on that note, tickets for all home games go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday at the United Center box office, as well as at Ticketmaster outlets, 1-800-4NBA-TIX and through NBA games are expensive...but still its always fun to see the some live NBA basketball. Or at least that's what all those "love it live" commercials during the playoffs kept telling me.

Isn't training camp the best? Optimism is the name of the game.