Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Last Chance for Tyson?? Alright so yesterday at ESPN Insider: ESPN Insider it was who are the breakthrough players. Today Chad Ford is looking at who's running low on excuses. And one of them is.....Tyson Chandler???
Tyson Chandler, F, Bulls -- Like Kwame, it's probably too early to write off the 21-year-old Chandler if things go awry this season. But with teammate Eddy Curry making huge strides toward the end of last season, Chandler, who was picked two picks ahead of him, is in danger of being left in the dust. There's nothing wrong with Chandler's work ethic, but his hands and his confidence could sure use a transplant. Chandler still doesn't play like a 7-footer, and remains tentative, especially on the offensive end. Defensively, he has the potential to be a dominant shot blocker, but he's too foul prone to keep himself consistently in a game. All of these mistakes can be corrected with time, but with the Bulls hungry for the playoffs, are they willing to wait around for Chandler?
I suppose what he's saying makes sense. The 3rd year for those coming out of high school is usually make-or-break (unless you play for the pacers). However I would still have Chandler as a 'breakout' candidate instead of on this list with the likes of Tim Thomas and Micheal Olowokandi.

But there's something refreshing in knowing that theres someone out there who is *expecting* the Bulls to do well....not just hoping.