Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Shape of things for Bulls: Less triangle, more running:
"It might not be as momentous as the running of the bulls, but the running of the Bulls could prove to be far more popular among players and fans alike. When the Bulls open training camp next month, the emphasis will be on a faster pace that plays to the strengths of Jamal Crawford and rookie Kirk Hinrich in the backcourt, as well as Tyson Chandler, Scottie Pippen, Eddie Robinson, Jalen Rose and, at times, even Eddy Curry on the wings. 'One of our priorities will be to push the ball more next season,' general manager John Paxson said. 'That is something that (Coach) Bill (Cartwright) wants to do. He wants to run more.' The quicker pace won't come a minute too soon for several Bulls players, a number of whom have complained privately and publicly in the past about the restrictive nature of the triangle offense. While the triple-post offense won't be scrapped entirely, it may be used less than in the past."
How ironic that they talk about reducing the triangle offense *after* Jay Williams gets hurt. He was the main vocal protestor to the offense, although I always viewed it as whining. They've been using the triangle less than people think the past few years, so really this isn't that big of a change. The article goes on to say how Crawford and Hinrich will benefit the most from this, and that gets me pretty psyched.