Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Hey here's more on Jay Williams' appearance on "beg, borrow and deal"
ESPN's reality series, "Beg, Borrow and Deal 2," got a little bit too real -- or rather surreal -- for former Duke basketball player Jay Williams. Williams, who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident on June 19, was videotaped on his motorcycle during the episode, which was taped in May. In last week's episode of the cross-country sports challenge, which features former Duke football player Charles Porter as a contestant, the two competing teams met at the Chicago Bulls training facility for a head-to-head showdown. Williams, fresh off his rookie season with the Bulls, helped with the competition. Afterwards, Porter asked Williams if he could arrange a ride for Porter's team. The two discussed the plan as Williams straddled his motorcycle in the parking lot. "That's hot," Porter said, pointing to the bike. "I'm not supposed to have it," Williams said, and then he sped off through the parking lot, not wearing a helmet.
Like I said before, that's bizzare. (as you can guess theres not much news today)