Friday, July 18, 2003

Well Rick Morrissey doesn't want Pippen back, and neither does Mariotti, which is suprising since he pines for every ex-Bull to come back and save this "wretched franchise" as he calls it. If only he watched the Bulls once in a while. And I have to say I agree with them, especially since Ira Newble is slipping away.
Waiting on Scottie Pippen to decide whether he wants to return to the Bulls has cost the team any reasonable chance of signing free-agent forward Ira Newble, agent Steve Kauffman said Thursday. "First, I want to make it clear that the Bulls were Ira's first choice,'' said Kauffman, who told Bulls operations chief John Paxson of his decision Wednesday night. "But we can't afford to wait any longer for them to find out what Scottie's going to do. I expect Ira to agree to terms [today] with either the Memphis Grizzlies or the Cleveland Cavaliers.''
I can't believe I'm upset over the possible loss of Ira Newble, but he is a pretty good fit for this team, and if the Bulls lose out on him just so they can woo Pippen, they're making a big mistake. Pippen is older, more expensive, more brittle and just more of a jerk than Newble would be. And besides its not even close to a guarantee that Pippen will sign here anyway, in fact it looks like he's using the Bulls for leverage.