Thursday, July 17, 2003

Despite a certain somebody telling me otherwise, the Bulls have not gotten their Jay Williams exception yet:
"WAITING: Paxson said he still has not been given the $1.8 million medical exception from the league for having playmaker Jay Williams sidelined for the season with injuries from a motorcycle accident. Paxson said he is not discouraged by the fact the league denied the Orlando Magic a medical exception for veteran star Grant Hill. ''There is a possibility that Grant could come back this year, but Jay is out for the year,'' Paxson said. ''That's a given.''"
I find it funny how the Magic keep saying that Hill's out for the year, but he's the one saying he's healthy. It's pretty obvious that they'd rather have the money than 20 games of gimpy Grant. All you need to know about Williams' injury is that a recent top headline said "Williams moves foot".