Thursday, July 24, 2003

Nothing really on the Bulls front today, so I'll provide my take on the Huge deal completed yesterday:

I think everybody helped themselves here except the Knicks. If I were them, I would've just made a straight up deal with Minnesota: Sprewell for Brandon and Marc Jackson. Instead they get Keith Van Horn (and his monster contract), another PF on a team full of them. Supposedly they have another deal in the works moving Kurt Thomas out of town, but they are still crowded in the frontcourt. Marc Jackson is a legit Center, and could do well in the smaller East. And Brandon's contract would've really helped the Knicks try and avoid the luxury tax in the near future.

I think the Sixers helped themselves out especially with Jackson (as explained earlier). but now their rookie coach has to deal with Iverson AND the Big Dog. Fun.

The Wolves have assembled a pretty good fantasy team, I'll have to see it work on the court before I have them challenging for the West title. But on paper, its nice just because of the nicknames:

Sam I Am Spree Wally World Big Ticket Kandi Man
The Hawks are a mess with or without Robinson....Theres also a rumoured sign and trade in the works with Brad Miller going to the Kings, Turkoglu and "merciless" Ron Mercer to the Spurs, with Danny Ferry and Scott Pollard to the Pacers. Just more and more talent going to the Western Conference (Mercer notwithstanding). Thank god the Bulls are in the East. Before the season starts i'll run-down the East and list the teams the Bulls have to be better than to make the playoffs. Its not an impressive list.