Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Jay Mariotti - Asswipe:
"Nostalgia works in the movies and at high school class gatherings where hair dye is involved, but not in a major market where a once-magnificent basketball franchise still isn't remotely close to a championship mode. By now, approaching Year Six A.D. (After Dynasty), the Bulls should be far beyond the stage of bringing back an aging, knee-ravaged Pippen to help a bunch of hoops kids grow up. If this is Chicago and banners hang in the rafters, where's the $100million superstar and his glittering supporting cast? Shouldn't the realistic goal be an Eastern Conference title, not a mere berth in the playoffs? It's a nice thought by Paxson to build a bridge from an increasingly distant past and let Pippen walk over it, especially after Scottie tried to burn it down so many times"
This is the same guy who was begging Michael to come back and be GM!!! Now he says nostalgia shouldn't be important. And the plan to get the $100 million superstar failed a few years ago, in case he wasn't paying attention. Instead you get a couple frontcourt superstars in training. And you know what Jay? its fun to watch them get better. Maybe not fun for you, but that's fine you can spend your time writing love letters to Jordan. Nostalgia indeed.