Monday, August 08, 2005

Let the games begin

As reported by WSCR earlier this afternoon, Chris Duhon has signed an offer sheet with the Toronto Raptors.

 Until the actual figures are reported (if anyone gets a linked source on this, please comment below) it's hard to say much about this. But having the Raps involved makes me worry there will be an overpayin' going on, and an offer may have been extended which the Bulls shouldn't match. They are in desperate need for a 'classic' point guard after a season of Raefer Alston, so offering what's left of their MLE (around $3-3.5m from what I've read) isn't out of the question.

 Check out the Raptorblog forum for a foreign (oh my what a pun) perspective.

In other news, the season schedule has been announced. I'll go into it more later, but at least it looks like the networks have renewed interest in the Bulls(once on ABC, four times on TNT, once on ESPN, once on ESPN 2 and nine times on NBA-TV).

But before we speculate on stretches in the schedule, lets have it out: Now that the free agent season has finally started for the Bulls with this Duhon offer, where do you see him, Curry and Chandler, and for how much?

My take:
-Duhon gets 4yr, $12m offer from the Raptors, and Pax wisely lets him go.
-Curry takes the 1 year tender offer and becomes unrestricted next summer.
-Chandler gets 5 yrs, $45m and stays.