Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy 2-year Blogiversary!

Well, close enough, it was(around) this time two years ago when I moved on from my 6-month old all-purpose blog to one completely focused on the Chicago Bulls. Most of my posts were in that direction anyway, and lets face it it's easier to find a specific audience all in tune with one hobby: Bulls Basketball.

 When this blog started in the summer of 2003 the upcoming season was almost as heavily anticipated as this coming one, as the stretch run (in meaningless games) of the previous season begged for optimism in what had become a chronic loser. Since then nearly the entire roster (save Curry and Chandler) had been overturned, GMs and coaches had gone, and there has been one awful season followed by a fantastically surprising one. Let's just say the mood and tone of this place has run the full spectrum from giddy optimism to depressing cynicism.

Thanks first of all to the blogfather for inspiring me (like many others) to give blogging a try. To my friends and family who were the only ones coming to the site in the early days. To Tim and Scott who were the few great bloggers available to look toward in the infancy of the NBA blogosphere. To Mike, Yoni, Kurt, and Jeff (and others who I am probably forgetting) who came soon afterwards and quickly zoomed past me, if only to raise the bar for my own blogging through their own success and help. To other bloggers (and even some pros) who have contacted me with thanks and encouragement, it truly means a lot. Now to look out there and see all the blogs out there and the great talent that drives them, it made something like creating the Carnival of the NBA seem as much necessary as it was fun.

And to the readers, naturally. Staring at an increasing hit counter in no way compares to the feedback I have gotten  through comments and email that over the past 2 years. Especially the frequent commenters who keep the discussion moving every post. Its you guys who make this blog more than me just ranting to an anonymous audience, turning it into a place where Bulls (and NBA) fans can come and have a fun and intelligent discourse. I hope you feel the same way in that regard.

So I know I've been promising changes since the end of the season, and rest assured they are coming, if slowly. Hopefully you'll find them to be for the better, cause I see no problem with blogging up a few more years as fun as the last 2.