Friday, July 22, 2005

Guest Post - Jay Williams as the Terminator

The following post is from Nels, of Give Me The Rock. His blog is usually focused on fantasy basketball, but as a Bulls fan he is welcome here to spread his blogging wings...

Nuno over at NBA FAN BLOG has a post up about Jay Williams (aka the Comeback Kid? aka The Terminator ["I'll be back"]). I also saw an article on CNNSI about him. Here's what I want to talk about:
Ironically the Bulls may no longer have any use for Williams. Kirk Hinrich, Chris Duhon, Ben Gordon and Jannero Pargo are all more than capable of playing the point guard position and if Williams comes back, I'm sure he's eager to get playing time. Other teams like Toronto, Houston and Miami are all reportedly interested in Williams' services. Once Williams is ready to play in the league, it shouldn't be difficult for him to find a roster spot.
How's about let's put Hinrich and Gordon back at the 2-spot where they belong, send Duhon packing and keep Pargo as the back-up Bobcat killer. If Williams is anything like his former self he's probably better than Duhon. And, no offense to Captain Kirk and Ben "Jordan" but they're not at their best at the PG position. I'm not the only one though... The poll over at says that 44.8% of people (I'm sure it's statistically significant) want JW to play for the Bulls. And if the Bulls are smart, they'll take him. Yes, this would leave Chicago dramatically undersized in the backcourt, but we know that Jordan Gordon can shoot over most bigger guys, and Hinrich is pretty good at finding open shots himself. I ain't worried. Okay, maybe a little... only on the defensive end, though. But! It's not going to be any worse than if the Bulls put Gordon and Duhon or Hinrich and Duhon out there at the same time, right? Right. They already have an undersized backcourt, so why not upgrade a little? If Williams returns to the Bulls, I'll bestow upon him the nickname Double-Deuce (in addition to Comback Kid and the Terminator). If he goes to another team, he will forfeit the rights to all of those nicknames.