Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More on the 'mythical 2-guard who can defend and shoot'

I think I should trademark that name, it'll be mentioned here alot this summer.

Anyway, from John Hollinger's Wednesday chat (reg. req'd):

Jerry (Laredo,TX): John, which guard would be best for the Bulls next year since they need a big two guard: Raja Bell, Antonio Daniels or Doug Christie?

 John Hollinger: We can eliminate Daniels because he's only 6-4 and is probably out of their price range anyway. We can eliminate Christie because of age. Bell would be a good fit and should have a friendly price tag. Plus his pugnacious demeanor fits in best with that team.

I'm blaming My Man Sam(tm) for even bringing Christie in the discussion. I did not know about Bell's 'pugnacious demeanor', but that scores even more points in John Paxson's favor I'm sure. But no doubt that also makes him a Jerry Sloan type player as well, so I wouldn't be so sure Utah will let him go.

More from Hollinger, since this cracked me up:

Tony (Chicago): Do you see Kirk Hinrich in the mold of Stockton?

John Hollinger: Well, they're both white. Struggling to come up with other similarities... Hinrich is much more a scorer than a passer and plays the 2 as much as the 1. Also, Stockton was about 800 times better.