Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Game 5

Hopefully the return home brings back the stellar play of games 1 and 2. Kwame Brown's been suspended, Chris Duhon is nursing a sore back, and Ben Gordon is nursing a poor shooting percentage. Scroll down to leave Gordon-award thoughts. Game 5 thoughts go here.

UPDATE: Well...that run to end the game was very exciting, but can't mask the fact that for the 3rd straight game they were outclassed by the Wizards. No interior defense whatsoever. Washington's complete ineptitude when trying to hold a lead was the biggest driving force of the comeback.(and Jannero Pargo gets credit as well. Should I now take belated credit for this post?) The season's on life support, and if they don't look drastically different in game 6 there will be no return to the UC.