Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Game 2 open thread

So....whaddaya think??

Update: Bulls Win! Hinrich had his predicted 'big game' (to say the least) with 34 points in 24 minutes, aided by going 5-5 on 3-pointers. Good games all around, especially by the veterans, led by Antonio Davis (18pts in 30min). Skiles went to the bench after an ugly start to the game, and Griffin (22 min), Piatkowski (16 minutes), and Pargo (8 pts in 13 minutes) helped turn around the game in the 2nd quarter.

After going up 20 early in the 4th quarter, Skiles went back to a defensive lineup to finish the game. It was a controversial move since Kirk was the only one generating any offense, but it turned out to work as the Bulls held on where the Wizards only once climbed to within 6. I thought Skiles really coached a great game, especially since it was so unconventional for a playoff team. All of those games during the season where he used the bench to shake off a bad start paid off tonight, as the guys were ready down to the 12th man.

to Washington they go...