Thursday, February 10, 2005

Like Yoni

This is a nod to blogging superstar Yoni Cohen, who as you probably know has the most comprehensive college hoops blog out there. A master at taking bits and pieces from around the web while adding his quick opinion, I'll do my best to in giving quick roundup of stuff from around the web that's caught my interest lately:

  • Big-time Bulls coverage over at the 'sports leader', lead by Marc Stein's 7 questions regarding whether you should believe in the Bulls. Feel-good stuff all around, with quotes from nearly everyone. Makes me feel even worse that Stein has to moonlight getting yelled at by Steven A. Smith and Greg Anthony.
  • Another ESPN article by former NBA assistant coach Brian James (sub. reqd) delves into the coaching stuff that I won't even attempt to comment on. Certainly interesting though.
  • This post by APBR member Dan Rosenbaum, after running some numbers, finds that Ben Gordon and Eddy Curry are near the poorest in all of basketball in terms of 'doing the little things'. Unsurprisingly, Chris Duhon rates fairly well. Dan's not one to overvalue the little things compared to big things (like putting the ball in the basket), but his contention is that these overlooked stats that contribute to the Bulls success, and that Duhon's minutes are warranted.
  • Via Hoopshype, here's a review of "When Nothing else Matters", with special emphasis on the book's commentary regarding sports journalism. Anything that makes Mike Wilbon seem like a stooge is welcome on this blog. In case you missed it, here's my review.