Wednesday, February 02, 2005

All Official-Like

Just some odds-and-ends (and maybe a rant or two).

First off, some Bulls tidbits from

  • Scott Skiles won the NBA's Eastern Conference coach of the month for January. When asked about a possible (at the time) win, Skiles responded with:
    "Um, I would look at it as a reflection of my team. I was, uh, you know, never good enough to be much for the individual awards. I guess I haven't thought about it. I don't know. Sorry for such a lame answer. I should've had some words of wisdom."
    awwwww..come on Scott, you can toot your own horn a bit. You earned it.
  • Ben Gordon won the East's rookie award for the month.

 Moving on to another 'official' source, ESPN...

  • Watching the Illini game last night, couldn't help but cringe every time Dick Vitale brought up how recruits and underclassmen are jumping to the NBA, and how it's hurting the college game. I wouldn't mind if it was once in a while, but it was honestly once every 5 minutes. Get over it. College Basketball is as popular as ever, even though the talent may slip they still have Vitale and ESPN as a mouthpiece blaring its greatness constantly. Sure there's been some missteps by some kids leaving early, but to bring up LeBron James as an example.....I think that's one high schooler that's doing A-ok. To constantly bring up the NBA as the source of all evil in the world while College Basketball is this bastion of purity really irks me. If Stern ever gets his wish with the age limit (keeping youngsters in college instead of actually having to pay minor league players in...well...a real minor league), it would be fun to see a uber-talent give a middle-finger to Vitale, ESPN, and the NCAA by taking some cash-money in Europe. Obviously I could go on, but its been covered all over the place by similar-minded folks.
  • ESPN dope Dan Shanoff (best known for the-Worst.Column.Ever-Daily Quickie) takes the verbal ball-bat to Philadelphia Eagles (I hear they're in some bowl game this weekend) wideout Freddie Mitchell, naming him in several columns for his 'not' list. I can't help but run to Mitchell's defense. Not because I think he's a good player, but because he is a genuinely fun guy. You know, something that the N(o)F(un)L(eague) and its (figurative) cheerleaders hate. Especially in the bore-fest that is the 2-week SuperBowl hype, a guy like Freddie Mitchell at least keeps me laughing nearly every day on PTI. And I mean real laughing, not the kind you see on any NFL pregame show (that Terry Bradshaw is sure dumb, and bald! ho ho ho).

And finally, from the LA Times, (via hoopshype):

 When asked in an e-mail about any possible scenario in which he would return to the Lakers, [Phil] Jackson said: "[I am] mulling that over in my mind. Luc Longley and I are going for a swim this p.m. [in the] Indian Ocean."

No word on whether Michael Jordan was nearby, trying to throw a ball at Luc's face.