Monday, January 03, 2005

This non-post brought to you by Comcast Sports Net Chicago

Get your game on! Unless you have Dish Network of course, then you can suck an egg. I think they cut that last part out of their official slogan, but actions speak louder than words, since I still don't get the channel that is showing nearly half of the Bulls games this season.

Tonight's was one of them, a close loss to the Pistons. Eddy Curry didn't play because of the flu, and from the looks of the 87-80 final score, he probably could've helped. On the bright side though, this is the first game that a rotation player has missed due to injury (or in this case, sickness), so its hard to cry 'unlucky' in this situation.

 Check out the links to your left if you missed the game like I did and need a recap. I look forward to discussing it tommorow in the comments of this post :).

I can't leave you all on that note though, especially since this is my first post of 2005. Luckily I have an easy target in My Man Sam(TM), who today used the Denver Nuggets coaching search to get Jordan worshippers (and their ringleader Jay Mariotti) salivating:

Jackson and Riley both have suggested they won't coach again. But they might make an exception for a team like Denver, with its young potential stars. Or Seattle, with a lame-duck coach. Portland? The Knicks or Nets? Some friends believe Brown would go to New York to complete the circle because he was born in Brooklyn. The Magic? The Mavericks? The Kings? Or the Bulls?

Riley always believed in starting with a big man, and the Bulls have two young big men who are looking good right now. Jackson likes taking over a team on the verge of something, and that could be the Bulls. Plus Jackson's return could give Michael Jordan a legitimate reason to rejoin the organization and work with Jackson.

The Bulls have a good general manager, and Jordan is not about to take a minority stake in a franchise as Magic Johnson did. But what a great excuse to return to work with Jackson

As Hawk Harrelson would say: STRETCH! Smith is naturally up to his old tricks of trying to stir some gossip, since the chances of Riley or Jackson coming to coach the Bulls are pretty weak. The best part though is the needless inclusion of Jordan. I'm blatantly ripping off Dan Bernstein of the Score (who addressed this very article this afternoon), but what is Jordan going to do?!??! "work with Jackson". And do WHAT? Not only does he have no desire to learn about and work at identifying and developing personnel, the one time he claimed to be interested he failed miserably.

Eh, I shouldn't use those mean looking italics. My Man Sam(TM) is probably just playin around with the likes of me. Throw in a Jordan reference once in a while, stir the pot, I get it. As long as everyone remembers what I wrote about the mythical ability that Jordan possesses to attract players to play for him, I won't need to wring my hands every time this happens.