Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Eddy starts it, Ben blows it open.

The first half was basically Allen Iverson vs. Eddy Curry and the Bulls big men.  Hinrich also had a great half, and he hooked up with Curry at the halftime buzzer for Eddy's 15th and 16th points and then jumped into eachothers arms. I mean, its great that they were excited, but save that stuff for the big moments, not halftime of a game in mid-January. Iverson had his way for the most part, but the Bulls controlled the paint to help absorb that blow. The interior dominance was undoubtedly aided by Samuel Dalembert's absence, coupled with the early injury to reserve Brian Skinner. After that the Sixers had no answer for the Bulls size (Curry finished with a season-high 24) as they built a modest lead. That lead went from modest to gigantic thanks to Ben Gordon, who put the Bulls WAY ahead with his career-high 31 points, over 20 of those coming in the 4th quarter.  The game ended as a 30+ point laugher, 110-78. Biggest win margin since '98.

This game was intended to be an important measurement against the middle-of-the-pack Eastern conference teams the Bulls need to leapfrog to make the playoffs. Well after tonight's win coupled with a Boston loss, they're currently in that 8th slot.