Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Unsolicited Dukie bashing

The Bulls are down by 12 at half to the Warriors. It was actually a lot closer for the most part, but the Bulls gave up 5 points in about 30 seconds as Deng threw a lazy inbounds pass to Jason Richardson for a 3. See the thing about that was Jason Richardson doesn't play on the same team Deng does. So Luol, don't pass it to him. Just a mistake though, Deng is still one of the few consistent contributors, unlike his Duke teammate....

Why does Chris Duhon get so many minutes? I'll probably delve into this later, but just for tonight he has played 13 in the first half, with a line of 2-6, 4pts, 0reb, 0asts, 2to, 2pf. He should only be on the court to spell Hinrich once in a while, and NEVER on the court with Hinrich. I don't see what he brings to the table as an off guard since he can't shoot. Gordon should be getting some of those backup PG minutes and Duhon maybe 8-10mpg, since at least Gordon (potentially) brings something to the table. What does Duhon bring? And if you say 'leadership', then I think Coach K is ready for his daily slurping, Mr. Vitale.