Thursday, November 11, 2004

Idle hands are the devil's tools

3 games into the season, and *1* game for Eddy Curry, and he's already rumored to be shipped out of town. I don't know why the Bulls have another long break between games (they play their 4th game on Saturday), but I wish it wasn't happening. Because all this idle time is giving players, management, agents, and columnists nothing to do except find ways to kick Eddy Curry out of town. As seems to always be the case, while the player claims nothing, his agents are making noise to the contrary:

''I would love to try to do something in the near future, even before they go on this road trip [beginning Tuesday]. We feel it would be a win-win situation for both parties. Since Eddy doesn't see himself taking it to another level with this organization, why do we need 15 or 20 more games to validate that? We certainly wouldn't want to see them go through the whole season and then try to trade him. We just feel Eddy does not fit into the Bulls' future, and since this is a contract year, we'd rather he try to sell himself in a more promising and more positive situation.''

Excuse me while I now try and smash my head through the kitchen window. So the best way for someone to 'sell himself' is to give up on the organization that has done everything it can to allow you to become the focal point of the team. I guess opposing GMs really like that. You know, if Curry really has said he can't see himself getting to the next level with the Bulls, that is unconscionable. I understand if he says he's not at that level, or he's working to be at that level, but to say he doesn't see it can it ever happen if he doesn't even see the possibility?

As you know I am not one to jump ship after 1 game, and am perfectly willing to give Curry the full year to make that leap. And GM John Paxson says he's not going to be bullied into anything:

"The time is not right now to decide the futures of Tyson and Eddy. Have we put some expectations and burdens on them? Yes. But everybody gets that in this league. You wouldn't do that if you didn't feel they had something in them to be better players.

Of course its easy to say that when these are the offers you've heard:

Over the summer, Bulls general manager John Paxson engaged in trade talks with Memphis counterpart Jerry West about Eddy Curry.

Various accounts exist about the seriousness of the talks, which league sources said at the time included names such as Lorenzen Wright and Bo Outlaw in a larger package involving Eddie Robinson and other salary-cap filler.

Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf was said to preach caution to Paxson's desire to trade Curry, insisting he get more than serviceable players like Wright and Outlaw.

But two league sources indicated recently that Reinsdorf has acquiesced to Paxson's plan, no small philosophical shift for an owner who originally backed then-general manager Jerry Krause's idea to build around two big men making a bold leap from high school.

Lorenzen Wright and Bo Outlaw. I doubt that Paxson would trade Curry for so little but if that is all that was offered I don't even see the point in trading him at all. If he plays out the season and you wait for him to get offer sheets as a restricted free agent so be it.

One thing I do not like at all though is the idea that Reinsdorf is telling Paxson what to do. Its Paxson's job, let him do it. But if he gets such a bad return for Curry I don't like the prospects of Paxson's tenure either.

This whole situation worries me most if it truly reflects Curry's attitude, but it could all just be the case of idle time causing many to make something out of nothing. Including me. These trade 'demands' are happening all the time these days, lets just play some more games, shall we?

Parting shot: Still upset that the Bulls traded (crazy)Ron Artest?