Wednesday, July 21, 2004


I forgot mention last night that the Warriors' acquisition of Dale Davis means that the Eric Dampier sign/trade rumor to the Knicks can be put to rest. That means the Knick pieces allocated to that prospective deal can now go back into talks for Jamal Crawford. As of now though, the deal is at the same place it was a week ago.

Also, Ronald Dupree got a "multi-year deal" from the Pistons today. Good for him (honest!). He played hard at least after being rescued from the swampy marsh of the NBDL.  I'm assuming that Paul Shirley and his broke-ass kidney is gone as well...he's not even on the summer league roster. Linton Johnson (somehow) still remains though. Speaking of Linton, I'm hoping that Dupree doesn't go Trenton Hassell(the man Johnson replaced) on us now that he's on a good team. Not that I regret letting Trenton Hassell go...its just that I have to hear about it all the time the huge crime it was. Like his statue is going on the other side of the United Center or something.