Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Second (or Third) Thoughts

My Man Sam(tm) tells Paxson to think big, and trade Eddy Curry.

Reading this and other pieces like it has made me start to realize that all this talk of offseason trades probably won't happen due to the near-nothing value of Crawford and Chandler. That said, don't trade Eddy Curry. Just Don't.

Meanwhile on the Draft front, Chad Ford says maybe its not set in stone that the Bulls draft Luol Deng:

Both Arizona's Andre Iguodala and Stanford's Josh Childress have been impressing people to the point several scouts now claim to have both ranked ahead of Deng on their boards. What gives?

The advantages Iguodala and Childress have over Deng are athleticism and experience. Childress has played three years for Stanford, and had a breakthrough season. Several scouts claim he looked awesome in workouts. We've moved him up to the No. 4 pick to Charlotte, but it's not out of the question the Bulls could decide Childress, not Deng, makes the most sense at No. 3.

My relative lack of college basketball viewing keeps me from making a very informed opinion, but it seems to me like Childress is billed as the more finished product. Considering that Deng's ceiling isn't that high anyway, maybe Childress is the better pick.

Especially if no big-time scorer is coming our way via trade.

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