Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Rumors gone Wild!

From today's Herald:

The Bulls and the Boston Celtics have discussed a trade that would send three-time all-star Paul Pierce to the Bulls for Tyson Chandler, the No. 3 pick in Thursday's NBA draft and another player to even out salaries, according to a source close to the Bulls.

If such a trade occurs, Scottie Pippen, Eddie Robinson and Jerome Williams would all work as the additional player. One theory has Boston eyeing Connecticut guard Ben Gordon with the third pick.

I was willing to give Crawford in a sign/trade as that extra third player. My guess would be that Celtics would only want Pippen (and only if he was retiring), instead of taking cap killers like Robinson or Williams. If Pierce is on the team and somehow you don't need to deal Crawford, then he could be dealt for a suitable SF. Although that may get complicated.

PG: Hinrich, Pargo
SG: Pierce, ?
SF: Whoever you get for Crawford (Harrington?), E-Rob, Jefferies
PF: Davis, JYD
C: Curry,

Still got your mid-level, and your veteran exemption, so fill in the rest that way. I dunno...sounds to good to be true.