Sunday, March 14, 2004

Mini-Camp in March

John Paxson is continuing the revolving door of subpar talent, this time signing free-agent guard Jannero Pargo to a 10-day contract. The scrub of all scrubs, Rick Brunson, was released to make room. Parco is best known for his efforts with the Lakers, even playing in 11 playoff games (which says more about the L:akers' bench than it does for Pargo). He was released by the Lakers in January, and signed a 10-day contract with the Raptors. And like everyone else the Raptors don't want, Pargo now becomes a Bull.

I'm not going to pretend I know much about Pargo, but he has to be better than Rick Brunson by default. I mean....he's just gotta. Here's the book on Pargo:

    Pargo is listed at 175 pounds but that's being kind. He's slightly built in addition to being short and shoots a push shot from his waist, all of which combined to make him look like the ballboy when the Lakers are on the court for warm-ups.
    Pargo struggled quite a bit offensively, but he has great lateral movement and excels at pressuring opposing guards in the backcourt, which is how he made the team as an undrafted free agent.
    Pargo needs to improve his shot accuracy and make much better use of his quicknesss at the offensive end. He showed a little sign of a burst while handling the ball, but if he can penetrate into the lane for lay-ups and assists, he'll give this team [the Lakers..this was written before the season] a dynamic ballhandler that they sorely need.

The Bulls also gave Paul Shirley another 10-day contract. I saw him play for about 5 minutes last week. After the 3rd missed jump shot, I think I've seen enough. This whole strategy of signing these types of guys is actually pretty clever. On the one hand, it brings in guys that are hungry for playing time and will put forth the effort in practice and games that hopefully keeps the established members of the team on their toes. But it also enables the Bulls to play just well enough to lose, and improve their draft position.