Sunday, March 28, 2004

Links Update

I've overhauled the links section, partly because it needed to be done, partly because I just don't feel like talking about the Bulls' death spiral.

So as you can see I broke up some of the categories as well as adding new entries:

Essentials: These are sites I go to multiple times a day for info.

Workin' the Beat: All of the major Chicago newspapers, to be more specific their Bulls content. Lets face it unless you're some sort of insider you're getting most of your information from the press.

Bloggers: I took out some sites, and added some as well. Some that haven't been updated in a while were jettisoned, as I'm trying to run a tight ship. All of these blogs I frequent a few times a week, some more than others. Its also a nice way to get my blog linked in return. Or as I call it, "The Link Dance of Love" Some of the newbies:

  • Hoops Junkie
  • Mark Cuban (Yes...THAT Mark Cuban)
  • Off Wing Opinion
  • Chris Hiller
  • College Basketball

For the Statheads: Pretty self-explanatory. Where I get the info for when I venture into stat table madness every so often.

Non-Basketball: Well, all 3 are baseball sites now, but here are examples of non-basketball blogs that I try to read every day. Just put up there as an homage I suppose.

Fan Sites: Like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie...I do not go to all of these sites. But I decided to put them at the bottom of the page just as a reference for visitors. I actually lifted the list from AllThingsNBA, a great site if you want to see every basketball page out there. I cannot vouch for all of these however, click at your own risk (of boredom)

So click away for now, and I'll try to have some original content this week.