Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Blount Waived

PF/C Corie Blount was waived today by the Bulls. Blount was injured 3 days ago during practice. I guess he was pretty hurt. Corie actually had a decent year for the club, and was practically lights out when he had that open jump shot. Again he was forced to play too many minutes (along with Antonio Davis) due to the injuries and general ineffectiveness of Curry and Chandler.

Anyway it was suggested in the comments of my last post that the Bulls' waive Chris Jefferies instead of Blount. Corie was signed to a 1-year deal with a team option for next year. Jefferies however is still on his rookie contract and is guaranteed for next year. If the Bulls waived him he would be still paid next year, like Dalibor Bagaric

So the roster spot vacated by Blount may be used on ABA big-man  Paul Shirley...if that excites you. Or maybe even former Bull Lonny Baxter??