Wednesday, January 07, 2004

What was your Favorite Moment of the Linton Johnson Era? Linton Johnson was waived yesterday by the Bulls, which wasn't a suprise since his contract for the year would've been guaranteed on the 10th. It was the feel-good story of training camp to see Johnson work his way from complete obscurity to beat out 3rd-year guard Trenton Hassell for a roster spot. But that job was awarded not just because of his over-hyped 'work ethic', but also because he made his shots. In the regular season though his shot mysteriously dissapeared, shooting 24% from the field in 8.3mpg for 18 games. (meanwhile Hassell has started 24 games for the Timberwolves and is shooting 47%....but trust me I'm not pining for him back or anything). The article linked above reports that Paxson is going to sign Ronald Dupree of the NBDL. This season he's averaging 16.9ppg. (I can't find other stats, due to the worthlessness of the NBDL website). At 6-7, 209, he's probably going to play the SF spot....when he plays. I can't see him providing any more minutes than Linton Johnson did, but hopefully he can hit an open shot when he does see the court. Another roster spot could be freed up if the long-reported Jay Williams contract buyout actually happens. Other players of Pax's interest according to the Sun-Times, include Desmond Penigar, Lavor Postell and Briton Johnsen. Hinrich pub': Although neglected by 'NBA Fastbreak' last night as an impact rookie, Kirk Hinrich has risen to #3 in the rookie rankings. He's behind 2 guys i've never heard of. Tonight's game is in Miami against the Heat. Hopefully the Bulls can avenge the disaster a couple of weeks ago. Some good news (for the Bulls) is that Dwayne Wade was put on the IR last friday. (check out the Flash stuff going above that article...that's what I intimidatation, the Heat Experience!!!!)