Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Just Silliness, as Jerry Krause would say

I went over a few days ago how dumb it was for the Bulls to get all worked up over bulletin-board material to somehow inspire them to victory. I'm not saying the Bulls shouldn't be motivated just because their season (pretty much) is over, but in fact that they should feel this way EVERY game. And now the same kind of crap is going on for the Nuggets game tonight.

After losing their third consecutive game Monday night, Nuggets coach Jeff Bzdelik said, "It ain't going to be four in a row,'' and rookie Carmelo Anthony echoed nearly those exact words.

There's no telling if Jerome Williams brought his magic marker with him on the road, but several of his teammates laughed and had some fun with the news of the Nuggets' bravado.

"Ask them what happened to the last team that said something bad about us,'' Corie Blount said.

"I guarantee we'll win,'' Eddy Curry said. "Ask them what happened to Toronto. It's on.''

Why wasn't it 'on' last night against the Clippers? Why wasn't it 'on' since opening night? The part that hurts the most is that the Bulls were supposed to be the ones making guarantees this year.

Injury report:

  • Tyson Chandler may be back Saturday
  • Kendall Gill was put on the IR, replaced on the roster by Chris Jefferies
  • My head hurts when I watch the Bulls