Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas to Bulls Blog Readers And under the tree for you is a site design update! Were you thinking there'd be actual wins to discuss? First of all there's a new comments provider, haloscan. It seems to be the popular choice, and hopefully it works better than what I previously had. Also working is the permalinks, so by clicking on the red 'posted at' at the bottom of each entry the posts can be directly linked. And then clicking my name will give out my email address. I'm sure that's what you all were begging for. There are also a bunch of new links, and some old ones deleted. As far as Bulls sites, is up there now, its the RealGM sponsored Bulls site. There are some very good articles written over there. I don't know what the deal is with Mikey's page or, hopefully they come back despite the Bulls' woes. Other links: RaptorBlog: A very very nice blog about the Raps, they even have their own message board and what seems like a large and intellegent fan base. Especially good if you want to talk about how Donyell Marshall is averaging 35 points a game now. If you somehow haven't heard of this site you have to check it out. Its essentially the Onion for the NBA. Made by some Raptors fans to make light of the Rick Brunson signing, but thankfully kept the site going after he was traded to the Bulls. Blazers Blog: This blog is pretty straight-forward, but gives good info on your favorite drug-addled team. Or at least my favorite. Michigan J. Blog: A site with 80% Pistons news. And I love the Pistons. BasketballReference: The one site for looking up stats. Simple design for fast access. I'm not certain when I'll be posting in the next few days, if at all. So enjoy the upgrade, and have a nice holiday.