Tuesday, November 11, 2003

On Bill and the Boys... Thanks to that minor league hockey team called the "Blackhawks" (I think that's the name), I wasn't able to see the Bulls game last night. I guess that's a good thing, cause losing at home to the Nuggets is something I probably wasn't ready to take. I was trying to follow along on the game cast, and that was sad enough. Lookin through the boxcore, the first thing I noticed was free-throw differential. (12-16 Bulls, 33-41 Nuggs), and then of course the 24 turnovers. But the big story was seeing Hinrich and E-Rob in the starting lineup again in place of Rose and Crawford. They both seemed more resigned after last nights game judging by the post-game comments, and that has to be expected. After all, this kind of thing happens to every NBA team, and has happened to Cartwright before. And is a main reason why college coaches can't hack it in today's assocation, even the great Phil Jackson has to deal with the Egos. I would be all in favor of backing the coach in this kind of situation if only I was sure Cartwright is actually a good coach. He hasn't proven that yet, and he needs to think about winning games. And after looking at the alternatives, that means getting Crawford and Rose back on the floor. The message has been sent to them, and its time for both sides to get over it and play on. Tommorow's game is on the road in Boston. Go check out Celtics Blog and read up on the opponent. Tyson should be healthy for that game, and despite the loss last night, the team is at least looking better. Hopefully I can actually see this game. Update well...looks like Tyson will probably sit. However, good news I forgot to mention earlier was that the Celtics will be on the wrong end of a back-to-back, they beat Indiana on the road tuesday night.