Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I'm Sorry, All I can Think About Today is Hee Seop Choi Not much news, local columnists are in general agreement over the(all but certain) hiring of Scott Skiles as head coach. Dare I say.....Rick Morrissey(?!?) says it best:
This guy is different, and the best way to gauge that is by the reaction of several Bulls, who reportedly are quaking in their designer shoes over the thought that Skiles might be the boss soon. They know that he knows they have played like a bunch of wimps. If he does get the job, Skiles eventually will be run out of town for being too hard on today's "modern athlete." That's not a prediction, that's a certainty. In between, the Bulls will get exactly what they need: a coach who knows the game and won't take spit from anybody.
That's pretty much what I was saying yesterday. He isn't going to be coaching this team for the next 5 years, but in today's NBA, how many coaches can you say that about? For another perspective, check out this article asking Phoenix Suns' players about Skiles. Although I must say if Jason Kidd or 'Starbury' don't like you as a coach...well that doesn't really mean anything. non-coaching stuff Well we'd all like to think that the Bulls simply are waiting for a new coach and some trades to happen before re-starting the season, but alas they have more road trip games to lose. I won't go into detail the games, but before everyone goes nutso, remember who they're playing. Their last 3 games have been against the Lakers, Kings, and Mavericks. Even if the Bulls played up to their potential I wouldn't like their chances. And tonight's game is the wrong end of a back-to-back for the Bulls against your world champion San Antonio Spurs. Sadly, it appears that a trade may not happen soon, yet until the Bulls get a coach and stop playing Western Conference powerhouses, don't give up on the season just yet. Also, keep in mind that a grand total of 3 teams in the east have a winning record. - and in case you dont know who Hee Seop Choi is, go here.