Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Good, Bad, and Ugly Good and Bad Injuries and such: Rose won't need surgery, which is a big sigh of relief. But Tyson and E-Rob sat out again, and Hinrich left the game after bruising his knee. Minor stuff, and expected. Its just hard to give these preseason games any merit when so many players are sitting out. The Ugly The Ugly is remembering those hideous "Cosby sweaters" that E-Rob wore on the sidelines during his lengthy stays on the IR. But now thanks to Paxson's new dress code, sport coats will be required at all times for those sitting out. Off to the big and tall store for E-Rob. And Uglier I try to keep non-Bulls stuff off of here, and so even though I'm a Cubs fan I won't talk about the game. I'll simply direct you to The Cub Reporter, cause as always he says it better than I can.