Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well i'm back. I've actually had internet for a few days, but there has been little to zero Bulls news.

Today though was Insider's Central Divison offseason grades. Chad Ford gives the Bulls a B-, 3rd best in the division behind the Cavs and Detroit. Heres the comments:

" Losing Jay Williams was a huge blow to the Bulls. Credit new GM John Paxson for acting boldly in the draft and taking a guy, Hinrich, who could turn into his eventual replacement. The Bulls wanted to get a solid veteran presence on the team this summer. Trades fell through when Williams went down and the Bulls struck out on several of their top choices in the free-agent market. Paxson, however, recovered, nabbing Pippen, a guy Jerry Krause claimed would never return to Chicago. If Pippen's healthy, he should be the piece that helps them into the playoffs this spring. "
Not much info there. Just thought i'd give you guys somethin to read :)