Friday, July 04, 2003

(this is just a test of the blogthis! crap and how a regular post looks) So, The Bulls Reporter gives an explanation of the Hinrich pick
"Continuing the thought from the previous post, I only see the Hinrich pick making sense if you anticipate playing him along with Jamal Crawford in a 2 PG backcourt. Hinrich has the defensive tenacity you like in a guard, and apparently tested pretty well during his pre-draft workout with the Bulls. At worst, he is a slightly slower, slightly taller version of Jay Williams. If Cartwright was willing to try Williams and Crawford together at the beginning of the season, why not Hinrich and Crawford? Only time will tell what Cartwright does to resolve this situation, although it appears that Pax is trying to force Cartwright's hand on the issue."
I dont think a Hinrich/Crawford backcourt would be too big of a defensive liability. But having Hinrich/Crawford AND Rose in your 1/2/3 slots would pose problems. Obviously that lineup will be out there certain times, but I would doubt that Hinrich starts out the season in the starting 5, and can be therefore used to both rest Crawford AND Rose. And whatever defensive minded SF they sign will take up the other minutes. That means Hassel and E-Rob are pretty much outta luck. good :)