Wednesday, July 09, 2003

The big news in the local papers today remains the Bulls interest in Pippen. There's stuff floating around how Paxson wants to bring him back into to the fold so badly. I'm not exactly sure why. I don't see the pressing need to bring back links to the dynasty years. Isn't it enough that the coach and GM are 'links'? Not that I don't think Pippen could be a good fit, but his tendency to whine and undermine authority may be exacerbated if the Bulls find themselves losing early this year. Plus, he is coming off knee surgery. This quote interested me:
"Paxson didn't rule out the possibility of trying to add Newble even if Pippen agrees to join the Bulls. In addition to the midlevel exception, the Bulls expect to have a $1.85 million injury exception because Jay Williams will miss the coming season. 'Scottie can play three positions,' Paxson said. 'Ira can play the two or three. It makes things obviously crowded. But that wouldn't be out of the question, no.'"
That may be a good way to guard against a likely Pippen injury. His minutes could be used by Newble and E-Rob. I still like the idea of signing Newble and Veshon Leonard instead of using the whole exemption on someone who can only play 50 games a year. My first option, while a longshot, would be Corey Magette.